These rules are designed for playing with two Commanders instead of one. During play, only one of the two Commanders can be on the battlefield at a given time, creating the analogy to tag-team wrestling, where only one part of a team can legally be involved in the action at a given time. It can be played either with purpose-constructed decks or by adding a second Commander of the same colour identity to an existing deck to add variety to play.

  • Players have two legendary creatures in the Command Zone, either can be played for their mana cost as per normal rules.
  • The colour identity of a deck is dictated by the combined colour identity of both Commanders.
  • When one of a player’s Commanders is in play, if that player’s second Commander into play, the first will return to the Command Zone as a state-based action. A change in zones produced by this rule doesn’t not increase the Commander Tax (we have been referring to this as ‘bumping’).
    • E.G. 1: Jacques Le Vert is in play. My friend tags in Wydwen by paying her mana cost + tax. Jacques bumps into the Command Zone as a state-based action. Nobody can respond, and taxes don’t increase.
    • E.G. 2: Wydwen is in the graveyard and Jacques is on the battlefield. My friend casts Twilight’s Call. When Wydwen comes into play, Jacques will be bumped into the Command Zone because he was first on the field. Taxes don’t increase.
  • Commander Tax applies to both Commanders as one.
    • If you are using this rule, make sure it is clear that players can use commanders with different colour identities so make decks with more colours (E.G. Thromok the Insatiable and Endrek Sahr for a three-colour R/G/B deck).