Here at CommanderCast, I like to give things away. Well… I’ll give things away, but you have to WORK for them. Here, you can view the toiling people have done for the non-trivial prizes that I’ve given up in the past to the show’s audience. Each season, we do a contest where our listeners send us something… a redesigned legendary creature, a ghetto sharpie alter, or their own themed Secret Tech. We gather for a Circle of Judgment where we select winners, and then mail out our prizes.

If you have any interest in prior contests, then check these out:

Season One Contest: Generals Remixed
For this contest, we challenged our listeners to re-design an existing Legendary Creature to be a better Commander.

Season Two Contest: Secret Tech
In our second contest, our listeners sent in a common, uncommon, and rare underplayed gem with a theme to connect their picks.

Season Three Contest: Sharpie Alters
For the third contest, we had our listeners get out the shapies and vandalize some cards for artistic and/or hilarious ghetto alterations.

Season Four ‘Contest’: Gifts Given Giveaways
This wasn’t a contest so much as me giving stuff out, but I just didn’t have time to organize a for-realz contest on top of this.

Season Five Contest One: Battle of the Bands
This contest had contestants composing music for our Free-For-All Roundtable segment.

Season Five Contest Two: Four-Colour Commanders
This contest had entrants designing cycles of four-colour Commanders.

Season Eight Contest: Existing Characters and Preconstructed Decks
Design a card for an existing character and build a precon deck to package it with!

Season Nine Contest: Flavor Text Redo and Commandercast Founder Portrait

Rewrite some flavor text for existing cards or draw a portrait of Andy with a Commandercast mascot!