Our Season 2 Contest has ended. Here’s the rules, in brief, and then a glimpse at the winningest entries. We got all kinds of sweet Secret Tech and some really great themes, but in the end, we have four sets of Tech that ended up taking home prizes. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who sent in an entry. It was pretty difficult to narrow the field down to just these four winners, but in the end the CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT carried out it’s duties and I feel we are presenting some really nice picks here.


Dredge up three pieces of your Secret Tech; one common, one uncommon, and one rare. There has to be a theme behind them of some kind; the theme can be as weak or strong as you like, ranging from “they’re all the same colour” (aka super lame) to “they all involve Minamo” (aka really sweet). List the three cards, explain the choices and the theme in an e-mail sent to CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject heading “Season 2 Contest” (allcaps optional, naturally).

We will close the contest in four weeks. Once CommanderCast S2E10 drops, so has your chance to enter the contest.

Then, the entries will be submitted to the CommanderCast CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT. In these sealed chambers, the Circle will pass down a decision on the winner of the prize. Here is the criteria the Circle of Judgment is going to use when appraising the entries:

1) Quality: Are these cards usable, as in being actually good? Even if they’re corner case. Or are the purely themed? Are they purely bad?

2) Secrecy: “Hey guys one of my Secret Tech picks is Time Stretch I heard it’s really good herp derp” > Will probably not score highly in this category. Obscurity might as well equal secrecy here.

3) Applications: This is where your explanation is really important. Some cards are really just good, like Acidic Slime. Some CAN be really good but need specific applications (Uba Mask). You give us these applications. If they’re obvious, don’t really need much here, but for more corner case cards, this will help out because my dumb ass won’t see anything but the obvious.

4) Theme: This is pretty subjective, but it’s my contest. Deal with it. We’ll see who comes up with cool themes. If you card choices are really good but you don’t have a theme, you can always just cop out and say “the theme is they are all printed on cardboard”. You will not score highly for that.



Judson aka GU Doug
Jusdon’s “Tapped” Trio:

 Theme: “Tapped”, keeping opponents off resources.

Matthew’s Entry:
 Dawn Charm, Not of This World, Bind
Theme: Non-Blue Counterspells
Glen’s Entry:
 Lifespark Spellbomb, Acidic Soil, Primal Order
Theme: Land hate alternatives to Mass LD
Donovan’s Entry:
 Spore Cloud, Acidic Soil, Hex
Theme: Random Blowouts