The sharpie alter contest came crashing to a close with a bone-crushing CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT. Our listeners sent in their artistic ventures for glory, prizes, and the greater good of the internet. Probably mostly for the prizes. In any case, starting with S3E1, we were soliciting people to send in their sharpie alters. There was a promise of a prize: a card modified by Dave Lee aka Derfington. As time went on, two Stoneforge Mystics were added to the prize support pool by my man in the real, Manny, which was totally awesome.
You can find all the entries here!
I want to thank everyone who took the time to send in an entry, we really enjoyed going over these (as you can hear in the Circle of Judgment) and I was also surprised to see so many people were actually pretty skilled artists with markers. This was definitely my favourite contest so far.
Anyway, here’s the rules:
How to enter:
1) Do up a sharpie alter of any card. If you’re not sure what to alter or how, just pick something with a ridiculous picture on it (there’s lots out there) and put in a speech bubble.
2) E-mail a reasonable-quality scan or photograph (close-up) of it to CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Season 3 Contest”.¬†Also provide¬†with a photograph of your hand holding the card. This just keeps dishonest assholes from photoshopping a sharpie alter of a Jace, the Mind Sculptor.
3) Await news of your impending victory in the contest.
Judgment Criteria:

When Episode 7 rolls around, the Circle of Judgment will issue a drive-by evaluation of the contest entries and all will be placed on display. The following criteria will be used in determining the winner:
1) Hilariousness: Is it funny? Because that’s the only reason to bother with these, though I will say sometimes less is more.
2) Clarity: As a sharpie alteration veteran, it’s sometimes hard to see your alters. How clear is it?
3) Commander Compatibility: Is the card good in Commander? It’s an EDH podcast after all.
4) Craziness: Did you sharpie alter a $100 card? Because that’s gotta count for something.
We came, we looked over the entries, and we recorded the following CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT.
Base Card: Sol Ring
By: Sean T. Patchen aka SwordsToPlow
Base Card: Greater Gargadon
By: Judson aka GU Doug
TWO-TIME TWO-TIME CommanderCast contest winner!
Base Card: Sirocco
By: John