The Gifts Given Charity Drive is an initiative that aims to collect Magic cards and related items in order to raise funds for Child’s Play, a charity devoted to donating toys and games to children’s hospitals around the world. Beginning with a lot contributed by CommanderCast staff and affiliates, the objective of Gifts Given is to collect items from our audience in an effort to raise the maximum possible amount of money for this great cause, while at the same time selling off some totally sweet cards and giving away some fun prizes.
Items collected during the charity drive have been placed in auction lots and are for sale on eBay via MissionFish. 100% of the proceeds from the auctions will be given to Child’s Play.


At this time, item collection has finished and I am in the process of placing all the items the CommanderCast staff and audience have so generously donated to the cause on eBay. I have amassed a huge assortment of cards and valuables, including box sets, very old and unique cards, and even an iPod. The outpouring of donations from the Commander online community has been practically overwhelming, and some of my colleagues in content production have made incredibly generous donations as well.

For a listing of the currently active auctions, check out my eBay account. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com, as I will be answering any queries as quickly as my schedule allows. At this time, Gifts Given is my #1 priority.

The Contributors and their Pledges:

To see the items accumulated for the auction lots and their donors, click here. I have listed the cash donors as well. I will take a moment here to personally say that everybody on that list has significantly brightened my outlook on the human race. We are doing a great thing here, something I sincerely hope that becomes a recurring trend in the MtG community. If the level of commitment to this simple drive is any indicator, we have enormous capacity for charity.


Any questions about any element of Gifts Given can be forwarded directly to myself, Andy, at CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com. Don’t hesitate to ask anything; if I’m not sure what the answer is I’ll do my best to find out as soon as possible.

How to Pledge and Submit Items:

At this time, the pledge window is closed. The need to organize, sort, and list all the items I have received is already putting a lot of pressure on my time and I don’t think I could organize any more auction lots that I am currently processing. Of course, if you are interested in contributing to Child’s Play anyway, I cannot endorse that course of action enough. If you are planning a direct cash contribution but still want to support Gifts Given, this can be arranged; by donating to Child’s Play electronically and sending me a screenshot of proof, you’ll be considered a supporter of Gifts Given without question. If you missed the contribution deadline, don’t forget that simply bidding on items in the auctions is supporting Child’s Play as well.

To find all Gifts Given auctions, click here.

If you would like to auction some of your own possessions on eBay, check out the eBay Giving Works site to see how you can direct your sales profits to a charity of your choice.

If you would like to contribute to Child’s Play directly, click here.


While Gifts Given is a charity event, I think these are a lot more fun when there’s stuff being given away. I’m sure you all agree. Towards that end, I’ve prepared a range of incentives that are interesting, totally sweet, but also don’t detract from the value of the auction lot (nothing bothers me more than charities that put all their proceeds into incentives and advertising).


The big prize for Gifts Given (taking the place of this season’s contest) is a custom alter by Derfington, CommanderCast’s Grand Imperial Archduke of Pimpology. He will alter a card for you that’s worth up to $10; if what you want altered is worth over $10, we’ll talk about how to cover the difference (I pay for the card, he paints it). To see some of his earlier work, click here.

To be entered into the Grand Prize Raffle, you must submit items/monies/whatever worth a minimum of $10 (price point When I receive your physical items in the mail, you are entered into the raffle to win the alteration.

The winner of our Grand Prize raffle is… actually two people. Sam and Logan, who made a joint contribution of $150. While having two winners instead of one is… unorthodox, we’ve worked out an arrangement that will be good for everyone.


Once a week, I will be giving out CommanderCast SUPER SECRET MYSTERY PRIZES (SSMPs) to three randomly determined pledges. SSMPs are given away in a YouTube video where you see me rolling dice to randomly determine who wins a prize, and what prize they win. Prizes consist of random cards out of a prize binder; people may also opt out of their prize from the binder to receive a Giant Shark or an Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician. There will be additional bonus SSMPs revealed each week.

There is no minimum monetary pledge value required to be eligible to win a SSMP. All SSMPs will be shipped once pledges are received in the mail.

All Super Secret Mystery Prizes have now been shipped. Thanks to everyone fr their contributions and I hope you like my sharpie handiwork!