Gifts Given



Welcome to the Gifts Given 2013 Charity Drive! Functioning on the heels of the highly successful 2011 and 2012 effort, this year the focus has shifted from accepting and reselling donations of cards on eBay and the ordering of CommanderCast-themed t-shirts and sweaters. This year we will be using to accept donations for This has resulted in some significant shifts in the way the process works, so if you’re interested in participating please read everything below carefully.



To be a part of this years charity, go to and donate. That’s it. You may donate any amount you are willing to give but those who chose to donate by using the $25 option will automatically be entered into our raffle. I we will then use the money we are collecting for any needed prize payments and donating all the profits to charity. Unlike the previous fundraiser, we will not be accepting material donations from the audience; instead, this time we will be functioning on a cash basis. The goal is to reach $1000. When we reach that amount an additional prize will be added to the raffle.

All profits generated by sales will be going directly to charity, but there will be no tax reciepts issued. “Why not, Andy?”

We are not a registered charity, and  things can get complicated. If you find this objectionable, then please don’t participate in the fundraiser.



In order to make the donation by the holiday season, everything is going to take place in a defined timeline. Here’s how it goes down:

Time: Donations will be open from October 6th, 2013 until November 30th, 2013.  To be entered into the raffle you must donate by clicking the $25 Raffle button and provide your shipping information. Once the donation window is closed, we will be finished with accepting donations.

Shipping:  After providing your Shipping information with you donation of $25 the raffle will be held and if you are one of the winners you will be contacted via email and we will begin shipping as soon as we are done. Winning will be shipped daily in the maximum number volunteer staff can reasonably push out

If you miss out on your chance to donate, you’ll simply be out of luck.


So far the current prizes for the raffle include:

1 Box of Theros (once we hit the $1000 mark)

1 Full set of all five of the Commander 2013 percon deck donated by Commandercast host William

1 XL-sized Boros T-shirt, the kind that Wizards sells on their website, kindly donated by Fog of Dusk gameshop.

4-5 Alters by Kayla aka Zeico! You can see her

Magic art/card alters here.

More alters by Ward Donovan, whose alters you can check below.

Judge Reckoner

Altered Skullbrizzle


As with the last fundraiser, We will be running a regular ‘Charity Cases’ segment on the podcast where we will be running down the donors to the fundraiser and reading messages they want read. If you donate, feel free to include a message or even an .mp3 file of a recording you’d like us to put on the show. Anything that passes our very low standards of ‘acceptability’ (no excess vulgarity and please keep things focused) will be read/played during the Community segment by Mr. Christian Renoe over a span of a few week’s worth of episodes on a first-come, first-serve basis.