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This season’s contest came from my man Ryan from The Sainio Cast. He sent in an email where he suggested the following topic:

“I know very early on in the show you had the contest to revise Commanders to better fit the format and sprouting from a conversation I had with my roommate about Planar Chaos style “What If’s?” of planeswalkers (mine being the want to see “Karn, Father of Machines”), we got onto the topic of characters that never got a card but should have.

With the intervention of the Commander Products, are there any established characters you or your co-hosts would like to see in card form and what do you think they would do?

I realize the current narrative follows more Planeswalkers, but I’d love to see a Yawgmoth card, even if he’s really dead in the history of Magic.”

Well, it was a good idea for a topic, but even better one for a contest. But I’ve decided to add a little spice to this idea for the contest and, of course, add a bunch of extra work. There needs to be some kind of unnecessary barrier to entry, right? So, here we go.

Season 8 Contest Objective:

This has three parts:

  1. Design a legendary creature that is based on an existing character from Magic’s canon, or a Planar Chaos-style ‘re-imagining’ of a character. You could make a Yawgmoth card, or some alternative version of Multani, Maro-Sorcerer in the style of Braids, Conjurer Adept and Braids, Cabal Minion.
  2. Design a card that is part of that character’s story. It can be an item belonging to them like Tawnos’s Coffin, or an even in their story that has some mechanical tie to the character like Slave of Bolas. This category is pretty wide, so be creative.
  3. Build a preconstructed deck that is ready to play in Commander with a value under $50 that will package both the new cards you’ve included. Make the deck using Tapped Out and submit it to me with a link.

So, essentially, you’re designing a new boxed product for Commander players with two new cards and what is hopefully an overall sweet deck.


  • The Commander: The new Commander card is the most important part of the package. I want to see creative stuff here, and something that reflects the existing character. I don’t care about the mechanical specifics of the card so much as good ideas. I’m more worried about the intent and concept than specifics of the rules or wording. I do recommend including an image of the cards you make using something like Magic Set Editor, since that’s way more appealing.
  • The Story Card: It should interact well with the new Commander you design. It doesn’t have to be too obvious, but the cards should have a thematic and mechanical undercurrent that is easy to identify. Otherwise, this is probably the category you have the most flexibility to work inside.
  • The Duel Deck: Your goal is to make sure that players have cards that work well with their new Commander without hobbling them too much if they don’t play it. At a $50 price tag, I think you can also build reasonably strong decks. These should be about in line with the Commander product decks; they will be imperfect, but playable. Some explanation of more off-beat cards would be appreciated, as I may be evaluating many of these if the contest entry number is as high as last time. This must be a 99 card deck.


  1. You may make only one submission to the contest. I’ve often allowed multiple entries in past contests, but because of the length of time it will take to evaluate entire Duel Decks, I will only consider the first entry I get form anybody to be their contest entry.
  2. Decks must be posted and linked to me via Tapped Out, because this way I can check the price easily and get fancy pop-ups of the cards.
  3. Submissions must be in the CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com inbox by Monday, December 17th. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this because I have a narrow window to evaluate them.


Here’s some shitty samples I came up for what I’m thinking you could do. You’ll note I didn’t make entire decks to package these with–that’s because I’m not entering the contest, and we all know how to make decks. In any case, I’m sure you can come up with better cards than these.

Here, I took Ihsan’s Shade and reverted him to his pre-evil state. He was some kind of thug for Serra or something, so I pictured him as being the ultimate protector, but only if you needed it. He also won’t get along with any dick who’s trying to use evil Black permanents to win, so you can’t Necropotence yourself into a super-Ihsan continually. It’s not a perfect parallel of Ihsan’s Shade by any means, but I needed to compensate for modern powercreep. With Ihsan’s Decree, I wanted something that mirrored his feel of declaring war on a specific colour without having to shoot yourself in the foot.

Here, I’ve taken a bit character from Magic’s history (see Wave of Indifference) that’s my favourite flavour text of all time. I’ll always remember this awful card because of the flavour text, so I thought it would be cool to make Darius into a guy. The only issue was he seemed like the type of guy you don’t want on your team, so what do you do with him? …ship him off to another player. His ‘no blocks’ ability fits into red, his ‘various controllers’ thing is red as well, and he creates all kinds of weird board positions. The second card just feels Darius-y, and would probably be sweet in the same deck. It’s more of a flavour match than a mechanical match, but both involve attacks and blocks. Good enough for me.

So, what can you win, anyway?


I’m in a lucky position when I can wrangle up a dream team like this. Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of Polish Tamales? Well, get get over to his Twitter, hit up the Tumblr and while we’re doing the circuit, put the DeviantArt in the scope. There’s also his redition of Thalia to the right. This gentleman offered extremely generous prize support for Gifts Given 2012, giving away from thugnificent art prints to some of the raffle winners, and has two full time jobs: artist and BEING A BOSS. Obviously, the second takes up a lot of his time. He’s agreed, however, to produce one of his stunning pieces of work for the winner of this contest.

“Ok, cool, I get a sick print”

Naaah homie, naaaaaaaah

That would have been pretty cool but I wanted to make this extra-gangsta so I went ahead and took an extra step. You’ll be able to have not just some sick art, but you’ll have it on something functional. You see, The Former Manriquez is the best. She makes sweet, sweet proxies that look better than real cards. You’ll no doubt see an example below, because Pac-Man vs an old Maze is a no brainer.

Sick wordplay Andy.

Anyway, these two artists will come together and Polish Tamales will make you a piece of custom art for a card you like (might I suggest a Commander), and Brionne will make it into a card. It will then be mailed to you. There is only one winner, and this will be a truly one-of-a-kind alter. Don’t miss out on your chance to get it!