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Our second Season 5 contest is another card design challenge. Back in Season One, we did Generals Remixed, where the entrants were expected to redesign an old Legendary creature. For Season Five Contest Two, we’re going to take it to the next level. Instead of souping up an existing card, we’re going to try and fill one of the most notable gaps in the Commander format. The objective is to build a cycle of four-colour Legendary creatures from the ground up.

Season Five Contest Two: Four Colour Commanders


Your mission is to design a cycle of five Legendary Creatures who cover the spectrum of possible four-colour combinations. This is the same spectrum as the Nephalim from Guildpact, and the ‘missing link’ in the current Commander environment as far as Legendary Creature go. Each entry needs to consist of a complete cycle of all five possibile combinations, but there are no other conventions that need to be followed in card design, or even within the cycle. So, for example, while you need a Legendary Creature with each four-colour combination in the mana cost, they don’t all have to cost exactly four mana; one can cost four, one can cost six, and the rest could cost seven.

To evaluate the cycle, we’ll be looking at a few criteria you could consider while designing your cards. They’re listed in order of importance.

1) Fun: Do the cards look like fun? Are they constructed in a way that facilitates social play?

2) Uniqueness: Since these are the only creatures that would be theoretically playable in the four-colour combinations, they’d better be unique and thoughtful to compel people to play with them. A giant beater with protection from the colour not in it’s colour identity probably won’t win the contest. Just sayin’. Push the boundaries and make something really striking.

3) Playability: How good does the card look? How balanced does it seem? When you look at it, do you think “I would play this card”? If not, then it might not be for you.

4) Asthetics: It’s way nicer to have a card submitted that’s been made into an appropriate proxy/mock-up. You don’t have to do this, but given the existience of Magic Set Editor, I’ll be honest: I’d consider it straight-up laziness not to.

5) Cycle Cohesion: Between these five guys, is there a common link that makes them feel somewhat unified? Great cycles tend to have a common thread that’s identifiable without being too obvious. While this is the lowest-weighted category, having a really cool, well-designed and coherent cycle will certainly be worth some extra points.

6) Design Process: Feel free to include some explaination of your choices to help us understand them. If you can show you’ve actually played with your four-colour guys, then that’s even cooler (maybe even the coolest).

That pretty much covers it. Have fun!

Submission Guidelines:

1) Design your cycle of five four-colour Commanders covering all four possible combinations of colour. The only rule here is that THERE ARE NO RULES (profane entries, while likely hilarious, also probably won’t win).

2) Submit your cards to CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com as an e-mail attachment in a .jpeg format. This is important so that I can post it on the site. Give the e-mail a suitable title, like “CONTEST ENTRY” to ensure I don’t accidentally lose it. If I haven’t confirmed getting your entry in about a week, just poke me with an e-mail to make sure I did recieve it.

3) Submission deadline to be entered into the contest is March 14st, 2012. The Circle of Judgment will be posted on March 28th, wherein the winner will be announced!

Prize Structure:

In a recent scientific study, it was discovered the amount of fucking around when it comes to prize support here at CommanderCast is zero. In keeping with these findings, as usual the prize support for this contest will be an alter provided by my man Dave Lee aka Derfington aka Mr. Durdling Around aka CommanderCast’s Grand Imperial Archduke of Pimpology. To scope the previous works of this modern-day Leonardo, peep the link (disclaimer: if you have a seizure from awesomeness this might be normal). If you want some of this hotness, you’re exactly one entry away from a chance to win!

Of course, since I’m not trying to go broke doing this, the card you get altered has to cost less than $10. If you want something more expensive altered, we’ll work out something. Anyway, once you know what you want altered and how you want it done, I’ll find the card, Dave will paint it, and it will be shipped to you (with love).

But we also are known to love the runner-up prizes, even if they’re just for a good larf. So, keeping in that tradition, this contest will have three Runner-Up positions, who will be the lucky recipients of two of the following (determined at random):

Wrexial, the Risen Deep
Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
Giant Shark
Braids, Conjurer Adept
Skeleton Ship

Do you want the card sharpie altered on top of that? Then request away, I’m awesome at ruining good things.

There you have it. Season Five Contest II is underway. Get at those four colour Commanders and have fun with it!

To provide you with some ideas, here’s my shitty example cycle: