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January 27, 2013

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Posted by William aka BlueRam

Normally we only have one seasonal contest here at Commandercast, but this year we’re putting up two! It’s both a flavor Vorthos kind of contest, and an art contest! Go ahead and hit the link to know more.




Contest Number Uno!

Flavor Text Redux!

Gotta a card with either non-exisitant flavor text, or flavor text that’s so bad that you could come up with better? Now’s your chance!

Just send us FOUR cards with your own original flavor text, one for each category:

Comedy: Make us laugh! These types of flavor text should be witty and clever, without being crass. Pun aren’t required, but are appreciated! As we all know, puns are the HIGHEST form of wit, and should be used in excess until everyone decides we’d look good in a body bag.

Just lie back and think of this man when you come up with those oh so clever puns.

Epic: Do you know some Magic lore? Does a card inspire you to think of a scene reminiscent of ancient Tolkien fantasy? Give us a sentence or two that clearly spells out a moment or a scene for the card in question. Maybe it’s being used by one of our favorite Planeswalkers, or maybe it gives us some insight to the card’s character. Enlighten us!

Planeswalker: Got a favorite planeswalker? Well since they don’t get flavor text themselves, I thought it’d be neat to give them their own flavor text, but with one catch: It has to be on a card that you can connect with a walker. For example, black cards that either make opponents sacrifice their own creatures or discard spells would be a good match for Liliana, so use them to carry some flavor text regarding her personality, description, feats, etc.

Misc: Okay, maybe this isn’t a REAL category, but it covers any card you want! Feel free to double up on the previous themes in the previous slots, but also feel free to do whatever it is you want to do! Go wild!


1) We’re only taking one entree per person. These are really easy to do, and we could EASILY overwhelmed by the number of entrees.

2) Only one CARD PER SLOT. If you have an idea for two comedy/epic flavor texts, then that’s what the Misc. slot is for. Like I said, you’ll only be entering three cards with your single entree.

3) Keep it clean. This should be self-explanatory. We don’t want anything that Wizards wouldn’t approve of themselves. Speaking of which…


For our second contest, we’re asking people to show off their mad art skillz by drawing a portrait of our original founder, Andy! We’re going to pay homage to the great canadian by putting the winning entry up as his profile picture (followed by a little blurb about his contributions). If you want to enter this contest AND the original, by all means, go ahead!


1) Andy has to have one of the following Commandercast mascots with him: IbHalfheart, Goblin tactician, Braids, Conjurer Adept, Wrexial, the Risen Deep, or the infamous Giant Shark. If you’re ambitious, you can try drawing all four, but Andy needs at LEAST one mascot to pose with him.

2) Again, let’s try and keep it clean, but I don’t have to tell you guys that. 🙂

3) This is a contest to test your arting skills, so we’re not allowing photoshop/microsoft paint esque submissions. Everything must be digitally/hand drawn. Less “being clever by arranging photos in neat ways” and more “stuff you actually have to draw”.

Sorry guys, this was the best photo I could find of him. Well, there’s always this one too, I guess.

I’d avoid drawing the Iron Man mask, though.

And that’s it!


The last day for both contests is Friday, April Fourth! We won’t accept ANY late submissions, no matter how awesome. I won’t be judging any entrees until then, so hurray up and get them in!


Our girl Brionne (aka Manriquez) has graciously agreed to do a few more proxies to give out as prizes! It’ll just be a grand prize this season, but it’s a prize nontheless.

I speak for everyone here at Commandercast when I say that we’re looking forward to your submissions!

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