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We had our first glitch with Crossover Month this week as sadly, something happened and Jack LaCroix was unable to join us for the podcast. However, knowing there was an emergency afoot, I picked up the red Podcast Phone next to my computer, which is a direct line to Chris Lansdell. Within seconds he was prepared to cast. Ladies and gentleman, this guy is the DEFINITION of hustle. I do think he filled the role admirably as well, especially for having only like ten minutes to get ready. Also joining us this week is Matthew, aka MistveilPlains, providing us with his own brand of commentary as he steps out of the YouTube game and into the podcast scene for the first time.

Gifts Given now has an end in sight. Auctions will begin shortly. Baller-ass merchandise will be sold, and monies will end up in the coffers of Child’s Play. In the end, we all win. If you want to help out, you need to put some spring in your step and do it now.

This is also the last podcast in crossover month. To all involved; we win. Thanks for the help. It’s been pretty awesome.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:51: Intro: Crossover week continues. Here’s who’s on the podcast and where they’re from.


05:02 to 14:22: Free-For-All-Roundtable: Xaihou Dun, The One-Eyed Reprint: In a topic suggested by Kirsin K. aka Dune Echo, we’re looking at the most recent judge foil reward is the highly sought-after Xaihou-Dun, The One-Eyed. How will the reprint affect the prices, and what’s with this judge reprint, anyway? Was it left out of FTV: Legends just to reward it to judges, and if so, was that worthwhile (I’d say so)?

14:33 to 20:44: Charity Cases: I speak on the contribution people have made to the charity drive and read their messages.

20:57 to 36:48: Punching Above Weight: Suggested by SoulReaverDan on Twitter, in this topic we discuss how you can build an underpowered deck–maybe a theme deck, or a budget deck, whatever–and try to pilot it in a reasonaly competitive and developed environment without just getting stomped into the ground. Both in-game using strategy and politics, and out-of-game using social conventions, we explore how you can make this work and also discuss keeping reasonable expectations.


40:00 to 55:13: Counterspells: In Commander, Counterspells are not the same as 1v1. Everyone knows this, but for this topic we plumb the depths of this subject in some depth. The discussion is broken up into three parts:

1) The roles of counterspels and their effective use in EDH.

2) The card advantage theory; are 1-for-1 counterspells still good enough to use, or are the cantrip counterspells better because they don’t put you behind in cards?

3) Are low-cost, efficient counterspells better, or should you go for the high-cost ones with huge effects attached?


55:22 to 1:13:21: Counter Tech: Following up our strategy discussion on counterspells, we go over the ones we love, hate and the ones we feel are underappreciated.

Chris’ Picks:

Andy’s Picks:

Donovan’s Picks:

Matthew’s Picks:

1:13:35 to 1:26:18: Entourage: Mistform Ultimus: Nobody expects Mistform Ultimus to be what kills them, but maybe you can make it happen. Matthew has been toying with this idea for a while and for the first time ever in an Entourage, we’re discussing a deck that’s been built and proven effective in the real world. If you’re fiending for a mono-blue Voltron beater, then this illusion just might be for you. I even have a full decklist that Matthew’s been using to kill his local enemies!

Matthew’s Picks:

Andy’s Picks:

Donovan’s Picks:

Chris’ Picks:

For a full Mistform Ultimus decklist, click here.


1:26:30 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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