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Listeners, prepare to feast your ears upon the glory that is Judson, aka GU Doug, and his Anafenza deck that – you guessed it – hates everything.  Why does she hate? Well, I’m no psychiatrist, but if I had to roll around town in a chariot pulled by a couple of goats, I’d be pretty pissed at the world, too.  Let’s face it, I know that the dragons were all dead at that point in the timeline, but are you seriously telling me that her only option for chariot locomotion was a pair of goats?  She was the freakin’ Khan, fer chrisakes! Would it be too much to ask to get the woman a horse? If Surrak were driving that chariot, you know he’d have a damn bear strapped in and ready to punch every time he needed to shift gears, but Anafenza only gets two measly goats? I don’t like to make this podcast political, but I’m calling sexism on this one.

Oh yeah, and we also talk about Jud’s deck, too.  Be sure to check all the links after the jump to get a full dose of the high priest of Tri-Cornerism’s amazing series of deck lists. Let’s face it, people: this guy is a master.

Also, scale birds.




Deckbuilder's Spotlight




  1. Link to Jud’s “Anafenza Hates Everything (Wed on the CW)” deck on TappedOut.
  2. Jessica Fletcher Azami alter
  3. Golden Girl’s Star Wars alter
  4. Link to Jud’s “Nothing Lasts Forever” Doran article.
  5. Jud’s contact info: @gudoug

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