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There’s no two ways about it: our guest this week is a class act. So much so, in fact, that I have another guest host on this week just because he was looking forward to talking to him.  This week Aaron and I get to shine the spotlight on one of CommanderCast’s long-time listeners, one of our main commentators,  and honorary staff members, Ward, AKA KingHonkey.  There’s Temur instant-speed shenanigans, big ol’ cycling creatures, and super-secret tech out of Alliances (so you know it’s O.P.).  What more could anyone ask for?

This episode was a real treat for me, because these are the two guys I turn to when I’m looking for inspiration & ideas for my own brews. I hope you all enjoy it.


P.S. – Fuck Prophet of Kruphix (that one’s for you, Ward).


Deckbuilder's Spotlight




  1. Link to Ward’s Surrak Instant-Speed deck on TappedOut.
  2. Links to Ward’s other decks on TappedOut (I’m a particular fan of his Vish Kal list)
  3. Ward’s contact info:
  4. Aaron’s contact info:, @unclelanddrops on Twitter
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