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Let’s be honest, folks: Bushido, as a mechanic, never really panned out.  Despite the fact that Wizards printed 37 cards with that mechanic – as opposed to the 10 cards that rock Ninjutsu – nobody’s eager to slot them into a deck.  Until now, that is…

What if there was a deck out there that combined more cast-off Kamigawa flavor than you even knew existed, PLUS all the Samurais and Ninjas your little heart could desire?  Madness, you say?  Well, feast your earholes on this episode and let community member Kurt explain to you how to distill all your Japanophile tendencies into 99 cards of pure awesome sauce.  Plus swords.  All. The. Swords.

Deckbuilder's Spotlight



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Kurt’s sweet (soon-to-be) Dakkon alter

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