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Howdy, folks.  It’s been a while, but DBS is back and ready for a new season of deck talk and special guests.  (I never actually intended to break this into seasons, but it’s a shorter way of saying, “I got way too busy to record these shows for the past two months,” so I’m sticking with it.).

This week Ben walks us through the ins & outs of everybody’s favorite demonic dragon – or is draconic demon? – Malfegor. He’s a creature so badass, he doesn’t need a title, or even a last name.  He’s like the Cher of the Magic universe. Hmmm, I might want to walk back that last analogy…

In any case, listen up, guys & gals, because this episode is a real treat.


Deckbuilder's Spotlight


Show notes:


  1. Link to Ben’s deck on TappedOut.
  2. Ben’s contact info: Twitter @Bendelver, Facebook
  3. CommanderCast S5E8 – the Strategy segment rundown on “Group Slug” or “Heel” decks.
  4. Strategy: “Decksplanations” – Be Consistent, Not Redundant


Go on, tell me you don’t see the resemblance.



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