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Fear not, dear listeners, for whereas this episode could easily have plummeted to the very depths of the hipster abyss, Adam was here to save you folks by putting together a sweet (and deceptively powerful) deck around one of the O.-est of G.’s in all of Commander. Even though there’s a disturbing lack of cards from Homelands in here, I somehow found it within my heart to forgive him.  I think I have Tolsimir Wolfblood to thank for that.

Also, Adam is a boss and teaches me about the joy of delayed triggers.



Deckbuilder's Spotlight


Show notes:

  1. Adam’s Hazezon Tamar deck on TappedOut.
  2. Adam’s contact info: squire1 on Tappedout
  3. Eric’s “In General” – Important Red Cards” (see the discussion in the comments section)


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