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Remember the days when using a Planeswalker as your general was a heretical idea? Remember when flipping over creatures was just for werewolves and poorly thought-out science experiments? Well, Sam does and he says to hell with your nostalgia! (Not really. He’s just a super nice guy who brewed up a sweet new deck, but it sounds way more dramatic if I phrase it this way.)

So sit back and listen to us spin a yarn about the one of the commanders most likely to give Andy fits.  For what it’s worth, brother (wherever you are), I’m sure it wasn’t personal on WotC’s end.


Deckbuilder's Spotlight



Show notes:

  1. Link to Sam’s Liliana, Heretical Healer deck on TappedOut that we discussed on this show and an updated list on Deckbox (a quick aside: which site do you folks prefer for organizing or viewing deck lists?)
  2. Sam’s contact info: g1yph on Reddit;
  3. CommanderCast e162: Rowe, Walker Expert (discussion of Planeswalkers as Commanders, pre- 2014 pre-cons).



In a world where I’m either rich or copyright law doesn’t exist, this is the song that should be on loop for the soundtrack to this episode:

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