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I’m just going to throw this out there: if you call yourself a “Hate Seed,” the least you could do is be a damn plant.  I mean, I get the “hate” bit, but where does the “seed” come in? Granted, I don’t know much about the reproductive cycle of your average Hellion, but I feel safe in saying that it’s probably far more violent & kinky than most germination methods I know of.  If you have personal experience with any of this, please–for the love of God–don’t feel the need to expound upon this in the comments section.


That being said, Nick’s deck is totally sweet.  I bought a full playset of Last-Ditch Effort after our conversation and proceeded to murder someone with a single red mana the following week.  It was definitely money well-spent.




Deckbuilder's Spotlight

Show notes:

  1. Link to Nick’s Ulasht, the Token Vomiter deck on TappedOut.
  2. Nick’s contact info: @raddestnick on Twitter;  Nick Jaragosky on Facebook

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