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This week’s Dusters is called “the Spirit of Commander.”  This particular strip has taken me several weeks of work and has been a fun challenge.  It also features a few of my son’s dinosaur drawings in one of the panelsI  want to give a steaming pile of thanks to Patrick and Stephen who have been gracious enough to help me edit, polish, and work the kinks out of each Dusters so far.  I really appreciate and value their input and advise.  This whole thing is a learning experience and things are constantly evolving, changing, and getting better and I am glad that they have been willing to lend me a hand.  As always I hope you enjoy.  Also it should be noted that any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, in this comic are purely coincidental.  I am totally not winking right now.

04 Spirit of Commander copy

Thanks and remember the Commander Commander is always watching.

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