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Greetings everyone!  On today’s Dusters we get a glimpse into the Khans of Tarkir Game Day at Skeeter’s Game Hole.  This comic welcomes back the female bear character that the boys encountered a few weeks ago.  Since she is making her second appearance I felt it was time to finally name her.  I choose the name Bea, which is basically bear without the r, but it was the name that originally popped into my head when I drew her and never left.  Also you will notice that I again dressed my characters up.  I think this rag tag group really embraces the cosplay culture.   As always I hope you enjoy this week’s Dusters and make sure you check out the entire post after the comic as there is an alternate beginning panel.

10 Game Day Finished

OK you may or may not have noticed that I threw in a very random movie reference out of the blue in this week’s Dusters.  I realized as I was making the comic that I needed one more walking panel because the Donny and Bea panel needed to be 2 panels.  At that point I had Donny walking by the wall, park, and port-a-potties and I was really struggling to come up with another random scene for him to walk through.  I felt like they were progressively getting a little stranger and needed to continue on this theme but where do you go from port-a-potties or do you add something in between the park and the them?  I finally decided to have him walking across a train bridge and then my brain automatically started screaming at me to add the kids from “Stand By Me” for nothing other than my own amusement.  I showed the competed walking scene to a few people and it got mixed reviews from “I don’t get it”, to “do you think everyone is going to get this?”, to “That is hilarious.”  I tried to push the idea a little more by making each walking panel a movie reference progressively getting more blatantly noticeable.  While it was fun to make and funny to look at I didn’t think that it worked well in the comic, took away from the rest of it, and was a little too much.  So here it is anyway isolated from the rest of the comic for your enjoyment.

10 Game Day

Thanks again for reading Dusters and remember the Commander Commander is always watching.

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