Dusters 11 – Halloween

October 28, 2014

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by Judson AKA GUDoug



Greetings everyone!  Halloween is upon us and what kind of content provider would I be if I didn’t take advantage of it.  In this weeks Dusters I do the impossible…avoid dressing up all my characters (something I love doing) in a holiday edition celebrating a day where everyone dresses up.  Don’t worry though because there is no way that I couldn’t have at least one costumed character.   As always I hope you enjoy this week’s Dusters and have a happy Halloween.

11 Halloween Finished

Ok so I made a bad dated joke that someone has probably already made better about a topic I know only enough about to barely make said bad and dated joke.  I am sorry.  I have been waiting to make this Dusters as I always thought that Max looked a little like Edward from Twilight and the jacket that he wears from time to time is actually modeled on Edward’s jacket.  Also part of my inspiration was probably taken from the below image that I saw years ago that I found funny enough to remember.  So for the purposes of being thorough I have included it below as a reference.  Thanks again for reading Dusters and remember the Commander Commander is always watching.


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