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Greetings everyone!  This week’s Dusters was inspired by CommanderCast Ep 172.  While I was listening to that episode the idea came to me and I immediately drew the last panel as soon as I got home because it amused me to no end, but it was not until just recently that I was finally able to finish the whole strip.  As always I hope you enjoy the comic and thanks checking it out.

14 - Deadeye Navigator copy

I assume you noticed the Brain Salad Sandwich mentions in the sixth panel.  If you follow Commander Rules Committee Member Sheldon Menery, read his articles, or listened to CommanderCast Ep 172 you may know that this is the name of his metal and prog rock radio show that is also available as a podcast from WMNF Bulls Radio at USF.  It seems that in the Dusters universe the Commander Commander is a bit of a fan of Mr. Menery.  If you are interested in listening feel free to  check out the Brain Salad Sandwich archives here.  Thanks again for reading Dusters and remember the Commander Commander is always watching (except today).

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