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Greetings everyone!  Just like last week’s Dusters I have been working on this comic for a while now.  Basically this comic was made by a 5 1/2 year old.  My son Griffin is probably the comic’s biggest fan and he is convinced that he is Donny, partly because he loves dinosaurs with a passion and partly because Donny acts like a 5 1/2 years old.  I asked him to make me some Dusters pictures and tell me what was happening.  I then took his drawings and stories, made my own drawings based on his pictures and descriptions (plus an additional 1st and last panel to help in the story telling process), and made up some dialog to play off his bizarre series of situations.  The resulting effort is this week’s Dusters.  This is the first comic made with my new graphics tablet so the quality should be a little better.  Basically everything should look a little bit cleaner than previous comics, but really not too much noticeable difference. Also don’t panic I changed the comic template a little to clean it up.  I hope you enjoy the comic.

25 Griffins Comic

For those interested here are the pictures I was given by Griffin.  You have Skeeter crashing his monster truck into the game, Donny biting Remo/Llyod running round/Max hiding in a hole, and the helicopter rescue with Donny closing in (drawn with the new graphics tablet shortly after I bought it cause he “needed a turn”).

Griffin's comic

(click for larger image)

Thanks again for reading Dusters and remember the Commander Commander is always watching.

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