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ohlookapictureThe past two weeks have been pretty devoid of major news, but recently the contents of Jace vs. Vraska have been revealed via Gatherer (sans decklists, those will probably be up about now though.)
(Edit: I was right, here are the lists.)


The full list of cards can be found here, but here are a few things that stood out to me:

Aeon Chronicler
Control Magic
Vinelasher Kudzu (I’m a bit disappointed that this wasn’t retroactively given Landfall, since it isn’t a functional change)
Ohran Viper
Tainted Wood
Underworld Connections

And some more things with new art:

Putrid LeechNight's Whisper

Future SightBody Double



Conspiracy has finally been announced officially, it will be a multiplayer draft format sold in reasonably priced booster packs. Not all of its cards will be legal in Vintage and Legacy, hmm…

Action Figures

These will be released in the next few months, that’s about all they’ve revealed. Garruk seems to be looking particularly cursed.

Also, these are adorable and I want them.

That’s about all in terms of real news, so let’s get to going around the internet.


Teddy Roosevelt & the Rough Riders

Jud’s theme deck is on this week’s CMDR Decks; since he plugs practically everyone, including us, in it, I feel obligated to share. For his article about it, just click this section’s heading.

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Who Wants Free Stuff?

I know I do, and if you want to get free stuff, head over to PucaTrade and click this:

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