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ohlookapictureWelcome to CommanderCast season 13 and EDH season 2!

Things have happened while we’ve been gone, so let’s just dive right in.

(Unfortunately it looks like WordPress is doing that thing where it doesn’t let me put the right amount of spaces between lines, so apologies for any horrible formatting that there might be. I’m working on it.)

Starting things off with some CommanderCast related news.

This season I’ve been given a bit more control over which article I write and when, so when there’s a slow news period I’ll just be writing more Unexpected Results instead of trawling the internet for content, the schedule will look something like this:

Week A:
Monday: CommanderCast
Tuesday: Spawning Pool
Wednesday: Unexpected Results OR EDH (Every Development Here)
Thursday: Rival’s Duel
Friday: Flashback Friday

Week B:
Monday: CommanderCast
Tuesday: Tragic Slipping Tier One
Wednesday: Unexpected Results OR EDH (Every Development Here)
Thursday: Commander with a Comedian
Friday: ???
With both of our Friday writers leaving at the end of last season, we’ve changed things up a bit. Starting this Friday, we’re reviving Flashback Friday, a time to get your fix of old articles you might not have read or something you have read that may be worth coming back to.
Starting next Friday there’s also a surprising new addition to our schedule by Matt (who I don’t have a picture for or would include it for all of your speculate-y needs). I’m not going to give anything away just yet, but let’s just say he’ll be filling a hole that’s been empty for a while now.
On to the wider range of Magic news…
The Journey into Nyx full spoiler went up last Friday and prerelease is this weekend, all of these cards will soon be legal. (If only we started a week sooner I could have had some fun making this sound like news it actually was.)
Oh look, a new card type.
Conspiracies do things… Apparently. What things? I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.
I think that’s pretty much everything…
Oh, wait, this guy exists now. Dack Fayden. I can already see UR decks everywhere scrambling to make a cut for him.
Jace Beleren’s + is good, Liliana of the Veil’s + is good; it turns out that combining the two is good too. Artifacts are, of course, everywhere. I forsee a lot of Sol Rings being tapped in response to this -2.
And that emblem… There are so many things that can be done with that emblem (anything that says “any number of target creatures”.)
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