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Well, it’s about time some newsworthy things have happened.

So first, the obligatory mention of Khans of Tarkir:


But what’s really important now that that’s out of the way, is that the full Conspiracy spoiler is up.

Let’s go through the new things!

Council’s Judgment (Can I autocard these yet? I have no clue, but it will work eventually.)
Three mana to exile one, or possibly more, permanents. This feels really powerful, though the fact that it can’t hit your permanents makes this feel more black than white to me. Outside of multiplayer, this is a better monowhite Vindicate.

Custodi Soulbinders
It’s kind of like a reverse Twilight Drover that scales to the lategame. The same decks that want Drover will want this.

Custodi Squire
Aside from any kind of squire being a 3/3 feeling weird, this seems a bit too mediocre at 5 mana to be used. I would have loved to see this on something like Trinket Mage’s body.

Rousing of Souls
Mono-white card draw is nice, especially when it gets you tokens.

Academy Elite
This card feels like it’s using counters just because it can. Blue can easily tap to loot, and doesn’t want to spend its extra mana and creature size on it. This would feel much more cohesive if it was a */* that tapped to loot.

Marchesa’s Emissary
I can’t exactly criticize cards in a set solely meant to be drafted for being limited fodder, can I?

Marchesa’s Infiltrator
Well, a growing Stealer of Secrets is better  than a regular Stealer of Secrets.

Muzzio, Visionary Architect
Because mono-blue artifact decks weren’t broken enough already or anything.

Plea for Power
This will never not be Concentrate.

Split Decision
This will probably be my new favorite card to put on anIsochron Scepter

Bite of the Black Rose
This is probably a bit to expensive for either side to be worth it.

Drakestown Forgotten
Great as a big zombie, not so much as removal.

Reign of the Pit
Utility creatures are good, so unless you can get rid of all of them before this, you’re probably just getting an X/X where X is the number of players… Or less.

Tyrant’s Choice
Fun conceptually, but will never be more than a bit of life loss.

Grenzo’s Rebuttal
I can see how they wanted this to work, but since you have six mana, you’re bound to have more than just that Ogre; expect to have better things destroyed for your assholery.

Ignition Team
This is definitely the most interesting of the  +1/+1 counter cycle, turning excess mana into mountian beatdown or LD.

[card]Scourge of the Throne[card]
Fun, but probably much less playable than other additional combat counterparts. Good redundancy though

Treasonous Ogre
Sure, dethrone is tacked on for limited playability, but the triple costed channel is what this card really stands out for. I for one love the mechanical flavor of an inverted Lightning Bolt. Only time will tell just how good it is though.

Realm Seekers
This is an interesting take on green creature sizing, and  turning your excess mana into searching for ANY land seems pretty good. Definitely my pick for the best of the cycle.

Selvala’s Charge
Rousing of Souls… But bigger and green.

Brago, King Eternal, Dack Fayden, and Magister of Worth
The earliest revealed cards, I’m sure they’ve already been talked about enough.

Dack’s Duplicate
Hasty clone is good. Hasty growing clone is better. And the dethrone flavor is great.

Deathreap Ritual
I was honestly surprised this wasn’t a reprint when I looked it up. It feels like something that should have existed already.

Extract from Darkness
All the flavor of Breaking//Entering without the ridiculous mna investment.

The first ability makes sense. And it makes sense mechanically to sacrifice something made by it to the second ability. But creatures with defender? This would be much more flavorful AND playable if it let you sacrifice an artifact. They obviously put support for it in its colors, but I’m not sure if it’s enough in draft and it’s just weird in any other format.

Grenzo, DUngeon Warden
Scaling goblins are good. Used in a goblin tribal deck you really don’t need to spend more than 1 for X since most goblins have 3 power or less.

Marchesa, the Black Rose
Finally, the voltron-able commander Grixis has been waiting for.

Marchesa’s Smuggler
I get the feeling Ruhan of the Fomori will love this…

Selvala, Explorer Returned
I hate this card solely based on the fact that it’s activated ability is a mana ability and can be abused to reveal information.

Cast expensive spell > Tap Selvala > Oh look, I don’t have enough mana, but got to see the top card of everyone’s library, better reverse the game state.

Woodvine Elemental
Whenever this attacks, draw a card, the rest is just gravy.

Coercive Portal
At onyl four mana, this is surprisingly playble. Threattening to wipe the board if you don’t get to draw an extra card seems ridiculous. I think this would have been more at home as a black enchantment.


Honorable reprint mentions:

Pristine Angel – Weird to see at mythic, but I can see why.
Reya Dawnbringer – She was getting a bit expensive…
Rout – The new art is beautiful.
Swords to Plowshares, Brainstorm, and Fact or Fiction – all great cards that were prohibitively hard to find.
Misdirection – This card had no right to be as expensive as it was.
Exploration – Again, a card that was extremely hard to come by.
Decimate – Such a bad card… But in a multiplayer draft format it makes sense.
Mirari’s Wake – Mythic just feels wrong for this…
Pernicious Deed – And this at mythic is infuriating… But I won’t rant about that here…
Altar of Dementia – A great  sac-outlet/combo engine… Looks a bit weird in the new border though.
Reflecting Pool – Some of the best mana fixing in the game.

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