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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
We in here! CommanderCast wraps the week up with a boatload of buttloads of links for you to browse at your leisure (imagine me pronouncing that whatever way you consider wrong). This week was a big one for Commander Cube: we got multiple articles covering the subject from my man and all-around Internet Badass SamWise over at One General To Rule Them All. We also had Hayley from the same site visit CommanderCast Worldwide Headquarters to record this week’s podcast which was all about the Commander Cube. If you’re not interested in trying it after this podcast, well… then I guess it’s not for you.

Don’t forget to enter our Season 5 Contest II! It’s card design, it’s got prizes, and it’s awesome. You should really click here to find out more.

Also holy shit check out the YouTube portal and Facebook page! They’re things, and you can use them. Why not? On the YouTube page my man Karston aka TopAndGo aka $ Mr. YouTube Money $ is keeping things extra-real on that end of the CommanderCast spectrum while Donovan continues to function as our Facebook Boss.


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