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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
In real life, I am surrounded by incompetents, idiots, and outright human debris. Thankfully, online, I run with a pretty good crew, which provides me some relief from a non-stop onslaught of derps, herps, and FUCKING STUPIDITY muddling in my affairs. These Friday Flashback homies are among those select few I can trust to keep their joints proper in the centre of an absolute shitticane.

Also there’s a ton of videos this week. CMDRDecks is totally spamming my video box on UrTuabs with joints. The most recent one is below, along with hot new joints from my man Karston on The Other 99 and of course, the legendary Mistveil Plains doing his thug thizzle with a sick Mistform Ultimus deck primer.

Also, Gifts Given’s auction phase is currently underway. Do you like nice cards? Alters or foils? Anything is possible and nothing is what it seems over on eBay right now. Get your money up SON!


CMDRDecks: Randy’s Teferi deck

The Other 99: Kemba, Kha Regent


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