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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week I was at work and it was super boring, but the CommanderCast Tactical Podcasting Team, Penmanship Warriors and Alliance of Science held it down hard as always with a veritable deluge of content to quench your thirst for EDH-related material. In the even you actually run out of material for the week, might I recommend you check out my mans and fellow Spiritual Millionaires back catalogue over at Off Colour Cast? If your ears still work properly after subjecting yourself to what must be close to 100 hours of CommanderCast, feel free to put these guys on your headset to give your hearing a COUP DE GRACE

We’re in the final stretch of Gifts Given auctions this week. Help me make the final push and raise some money for Child’s Play! I’m getting rid of everything that’s left in my house related to the event. This includes the ultimate mixed lot with Jordan’s Pack to Charity binder!

If you check out all these links and still need more EDH goodness, don’t forget the YouTube portal and Facebook page.


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