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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week all kinds of awesome stuff happened, including me spending one 24-hour span with the following breakdown of time usage:

  • Sleep: 3 hours
  • Tribes Ascend: 13 hours
  • Driving: 2 hours
  • Magic: 6 hours (with various beasts and legends)

Awesomely juvenile weekend or crime against humanity? WE REPORT YOU DECIDE

Here’s some other stuff, all three of which you should investigate:

  1. Season 5 Contest II
  2. CommanderCast YouTube Portal
  3. CommanderCast Facebook page


The last thing of the week is an extra-swag special treat from my man Rick, aka PolishTamales (follow this guy on Twitter)! After sending me a VERY pleasant e-mail he warned me that something of a gift was on the way to my inbox. While I initially feared some new kind of digital mailbomb, I got… well, I guess it’s a bomb of sorts. If you’ve been listening to CommanderCast for a while, you no doubt are familiar with my endless love for Braids, Conjurer Adept (we even did a sweet Entourage on her with S4E6: Blue Braids Will Drink Your Tears). Well, if this fuckin’ sweet joint Rick did up is to believed, the picture of her on the card was in a dark corner of Tolaria West while she was up for twenty hours cramming for finals, because here’s what she looks like in… uh.. proper lighting.

Have a great weekend you dirty cardboard-slinging fiends!

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