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We’re nearing a lot of endings, and a bunch of new beginnings here at CommanderCast. This week I posted the final Gifts Given auctions, so I’m close to having all that stuff out of my house. We also ended Season 5 Contest One, with a new sweet song for our Free-For-All Roundtable segment! So… uh… that’s two endings, which is enough. I guess the week itself is ending, so there’s that. So, in terms of those new beginnings…

  • I’m taking questions for another Q&A with two members of the Commander Rules Committee! If you have a burning inquiry for them, e-mail me, Tweet at me, whatevs. I’ll be taking questions until the 9th!
  • Season 5 Contest Two begins in two weeks! Check out the Circle of Judgment from this week for a little hint at what it might be about.
  • It’s the beginning on a new weekend. Man am I ever reaching for this shit

We’re in the final stretch of Gifts Given auctions this week. Help me make the final push and raise some money for Child’s Play! I’m getting rid of everything that’s left in my house related to the event. This includes the ultimate mixed lot with Jordan’s Pack to Charity binder!

If you check out all these links and still need more EDH goodness, don’t forget the YouTube portal and Facebook page.

Enough of my gibberish, LETS GET IT


  • Keeping it extra real in the videos department this week, we also have my man MistVeilPlains dropping a Standard-legal EDH deck!

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