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Crossover Month has been chugging along, busting through walls and all kinds of other crap that tries to get in it’s way. An unstoppable BEAST devouring all content laid before it, we continue our quest for MOAR CROSSOVERS today and all the way until the end of the month! As a quick glimpse into next week’s material before we run down the week in review, click here for a preview of CommanderCast: S4E10!

Gifts Given is winding down towards the end of the month. I am making preparations to arrange auction lots and ready the sales. I am organizing the cards. This is for real now. If you want to get in on this action, you need to send me your pledge NOW, using the instructions on this page. If you want to BUY some of this awesome merchandise, then save up your monies, take out a second mortgage, WHATEVER. Just be ready, because I know I’m going to be bidding on some of these jams and I’m super-rich.


CMDRDecks: Ben’s Jhoira of the Ghitu Deck

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