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So many links… so super tired. Click away fiends.

Next week’s episode of CommanderCast has also taken a twist: Jack LaCroix, scheduled to appear, couldn’t make it. I tagged in my man Chris Lansdell, who seems to be ready to podcast at a moment’s notice. I am probably going to wire a red phone up in his place just in case this happens again. We also had the pleasure of hosting Matthew, aka MistVeilPlains, for the final episode of Crossover Month in podcasting. Get yours next Monday!

Another thing… the Call-In episode is booked! Great ready for another exciting super-roundtable. Nine guests moderated by myself and Donovan (probably, haha) in a blitz of ten-minute topics… coming in just over a week. It’s going to be a straight up beast of an episode no doubt.

Finally, Gifts Given is wrapping up (SICK PUNZ)… well, the donor phase, anyway. Wanted to send something in? Do it now, son!


CMDRDecks: Niles’ Iname, Death Aspect deck

CMDRDecks: Shawn’s Ob Nixilis, the Fallen deck


Courtesy of Gu Doug

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