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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Friday Flashback incoming! Don’t worry, it can’t hurt you. In fact, it should be nourishing your need for more Commander material, if anything. Missed anything throughout the week? Here’s a one-stop list to get yourself back up to speed. Crossover Month is also popping off, and next week’s crossover has Sean aka SwordsToPlow hooking up with me, along with non-podcasting guest Gavin aka Genomancer from the EDH Rules Committee. Joining the Tactical Podcasting Team as an auxiliary backup we also have Imshan aka Sinis, whom y’all ought to know from the Generally Speaking article series.

The Gifts Given charity drive appears to be unstoppable. You guys have become a giant locomotive of charitable spirit that is going to drive it’s cow catcher down the filthy throat of childhood disease! Indirectly, of course. I don’t know how many more sweet cards I can end up holding for the auction, but apparently the CommanderCast audience knows no limits in terms of donations. Each week the pledges and mail keep trickling in. We’re in the final month of the drive, though. In December I plan to start auctioning these sweet, sweet items off on eBay. So if you have something to send, get in touch with me as quickly as possible, because I’d hate to see your package arrive too late for auctioning.

Also, the call-in episode for this season is approaching. Be advised.


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