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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This was a week full of surprises. I mean, not really in the context of content production. I generally have to read the articles posted here, and listen to the podcast a MIND-BENDING three times before it’s released (trust me, it’s not nearly as exciting after the second time). But what was surprising was the overwhelming positive response to Gifts Given, which I will honestly say I was worried would just be annoying to a lot of people. Instead, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the curtain pulled back, revealing a huge swath of CommanderCast listeners who are a secret cabal of super-ballers with charitable inclinations. This is, in case you’re wondering, the greatest kind of shadowy cabal to discover lurking in the depths of any community. So, thanks to everyone who helped make the first week of the charity drive a outrageous success. Is this momentum sustainable? I doubt it, since I honestly can’t imagine something topping this week, but you never know.

Speaking of Gifts Given, check back this Sunday for the first video with the raffle giveaways and some other random prizes. Be advised: Ghettovision™ production values will be engaged.

Anyway, here’s the stuff for this week.



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