CommanderCast has a posse. If there’s one thing in this world that’s awesome, it’s rolling deep. And I intend to roll extra deep on this Internet MtG game. Towards this end, I’ve assembled a squad of crack Magic content producers who we’ve allied with to bring justice and valor back to the game. If you’re still jonesing for more stuff after you’ve scoped what I’ve got here, check out these guys for days worth of material.


Sometimes, playing the same old stuff gets boring; now that you have the above link, there’s literally no reason you should ever be bored again in your life. is run by Shoe. The site is all about alternative formats of Magic. If you’re here, you’re likely familiar with Commander/EDH, but that’s just one of many glorious ways to play Magic. If you’re looking to spice up your card games then pay Shoe a visit and pick up a few new ways to build decks, play games, and enjoy Magic.

Speaking of alternative formats, Big Box is one of the best out there. Designed by ludd_gang, this is a format that finally lets you actually make use of all those crap-ass cards you have sitting around. If you need a new, inexpensive, and super-fun way to play Magic, than Big Box is just what you’re looking for; if you’re boring, only like playing with $30+ cards, and think Pro Points are more important than fun… well, you’d still probably like Big Box. It’s just that awesome!

It’s multiplayer articles three times a week, it’s three guys who wrote in the StarCityGames talent search, and it’s totally sweet… it’s the Muse Vessel! Updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Muse Vessel is one of the few sites designated strictly to multiplayer Magic. Not strictly Commander, mind you; if it involves more than two players, it’s going to be covered on the Muse Vessel. For in-depth articles with a variety of perspectives, GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE.

Oh shit, it’s Durdling Around! A weekly webcomic about MtG that’s ACTUALLY FUNNY! This hotness is laid down by my man Dave Lee aka Derfington aka CommanderCast’s Grand Imperial Archduke of Pimpology. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try:


If this makes no sense, just click on the banner.

One of the first CommanderCast affiliates, is run by Dominik. It’s a blog where he talks about the trials and tribulations of casual Magic play. Dominik’s topics range wide: Magic satire, to discussions on card design, Commander deck techs, and social issues are all fair game. For some great pieces looking at Magic from the casual side of the fence, head on over to Completely Casual and see how it goes down when you just keep is casual.

PucaTrade is, exactly like the banner says, a new way to play cards. You send cards away, and new cards you need float into your home–all free of change. I mean, yeah there’s some specifics beyond what I just said, but that’s basically how it works. Do you have a bunch of cards sitting around your house doing nothing? Then ship them away and turn them into something new. PucaTrade can do it!


There’s a great chance that if you’re here at CommanderCast, you listen to the podcast about Commander. Well, now you have another one to bump on the regular into your earpiece: Off-Color Cast. Don’t get it twisted; the C-Cubed of Calvin, Cassidy and Christian keep it a bit too real for CommanderCast, so they unleashed their own podcast on the EDH community. With regular segments mingling with the occasional extended detour into professional wrestling, Off-Color is CommanderCast’s brother podcast. What else do you need to know? Get down on this hot fire!

Run by Zimagic, The Crazy 99 (formerly known as “EDH or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bombs”, aka EDHOHILTSWALTB) is a nice variety-style blog that talks about decklists, single cards, and even delves into conducting research every now and then. If you’re looking for a new deck, want to see what kind of cards huge swathes of players hate, or just like good things, The Crazy 99 is your jam.

It’s widely predicted by scienticians than within the next twenty years, reading and writing will both be completely replaced by YouTube videos and symbols, a la Prince. Deciding to get ahead of the curve, CMDRDecks is the future, TODAY. Each Friday, this YouTube channel posts a new deck from a Commander player somewhere out there brave enough to show their face in a video submission to Uriah. In exchange, he makes them an instant internet celebrity. Whether you choose to help propel these people to stardom by watching, or elect to thrust yourself into the spotlight, you should be subscribed to this baller-ass YouTube channel.

Cassidy, trusted internet homie and known baller, runs You Can’t Handle The ‘Nath on the side of his usual joints. This enables him to write on a wider variety of topics and churn out more experimental topics, like his ongoing video project and league/campaign rules. While this site isn’t the most polished you’ll ever visit, neither is, so why are you still here? Click on the glowing green afro above.

“The Other 99” is an outstanding YouTube series made by Top And Go Productions. Another player in the YouTube game, The Other 99 runs deck primers and has some great upgrading clinics for the Commander set generals released in 2011. The channel is still burgeoning but shows tremendous potential and it’s another must-subscribe for Commander players everywhere.

CaptainRedZone is in command over at Three To The Face!!! Running a tight ship based around Commander theme decks, you can hit up 3TF to get yourself a fix of an awesome decklist, some sick custom card images (such as P. Diddy’s Cristal Ball), and a pleasant helping of humour.

Don’t let the extremely angry man on the banner fool you: Cassidy runs General Damage Control with no intent to cause you bodily harm. Rather, its a general-purpose EDH blog where he talks format issues, deck techs, and occasionally talks about his outrageous-ballin’ collection of cards. If you want EDH content but a great deal of variety under that subject, then click on the banner above.

What’s the deal with One General To Rule Them All, aka OGTRTA? Well, it’s a website where you can visit it on an device with ‘internet browsing/web surfing’ capabilities. Once the page loads, you can read thought-provoking articles on subjects ranging from strategy to secret tech, and extensive discussions on the increasingly-vogue EDH Cube concept. To my mind, this site isn’t just a great resource for Commander players everywhere, but is also the #1 resource for EDH Cube Drafts on the intertron.

My man Chad was like “yo I have a blog”. I read it and you can too! It’s called Commander Shenanigans and on it, Chad is laying down wisdom, experience, and thoughts on a regular basis. You can get some insight into his deckbuilding process, single card strategies, some game reports, and all kinds of general stuff. I guess you could even say all kinds of Shenanigans.

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