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With Aaron AKA Uncle Landdrops

We’ve got a sweet one this week as Uncle Landdrops takes Stephen’s Purphoros Commander Deck for a test drive in an effort to help smooth out some of the deck’s finer points.

Thanks to Stephen for letting me use his deck as my first real test for the segment!


Overall, I really enjoyed what was put together. Played consistent for me in about 80% of my off-screen tests. I know I really didn’t make good use of Purphoros’ pump ability, but I like the idea of keeping it around for a rainy day, or just when your opponents forget that he also does this.

Creature base was really strong, really tuned. Only made a few changes there, just to add a couple more active token makers and cut some of the cards that eat up the mana. Flamerush Rider was the only Dash creature I cut, and it was easy to do. He just cost too much for a dude that really didn’t have any good targets in combat.¬†Perhaps Archwing Dragon is a step up?

Mana base was where I made the most changes. Rather than play Caged Sun, Mana Flare, and a lot of the other big swingy mana-making Sorceries, I preferred the idea of adding two extra land to get it back to 40, supplementing the deck with some utility token producers, optional cycle lands, and shuffle effects.

I also cut a lot of enchantments. I found it hard to want to attach Elemental Mastery to anything, and felt Quest for Pure Flame was a bit of a dead draw. Manabarbs was cut simply because I thought Purphoros would draw enough hate in any metagame.

Most of the stuff I supplemented with more land, bigger token makers, or card draw. Much of it was personal preference, things that I like to have at certain points in the game, and would definitely be worth trying out if you get bored with some of the cards you’re playing right now.

Genesis Chamber was a great add. Overall, I think this deck is a budget beatdown, and performed more consistent for me than I anticipated.


-6 Mountain
-Dictate of the Twin Gods
-Quest For Pure Flame
-Akki Rockspeaker
-Brighthearth Banneret
-Chancellor of the Forge
-Cinder Pyromancer
-Coalhauler Swine
-Flamekin Harbinger
-Flamerush Rider
-Paragon of Fierce Defiance
-Elemental Mastery
-Witch Hunt
-Mana Flare
-Caged Sun
-Staff of the Flame Magus
-Mana Geyser
-Mana Seism


+Archwing Dragon
+Emrakul’s Hatcher
+Feldon of the Third Path
+Goblin Marshal
+Priest of Urabrask
+Feral Lightning
+Hordeling Outburst
+Molten Birth
+Tormenting Voice
+Wild Guess
+Credit Voucher
+Hammer of Purphoros
+Mind Stone
+Snake Basket
+Unstable Obelisk
+Blasted Landscape
+Evolving Wilds
+Forgotten Cave
+Kher Keep
+Myriad Landscape
+Smoldering Crater
+Springjack Pasture
+Terramorphic Expanse
+Goblin Warrens


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