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Grandpa (Eric)

Hello, my name is Eric, aka Grandpa Growth, formerly of The General Zone, and now, excited to make my debut here on CommanderCast.

For several years now I have been writing a weekly column entitled, “In General.” A play on words dating back to the time when we used to call Commander “EDH” and your commander was your general. But this is also a descriptive title. My writing touches a wide variety of topics and you won’t know what to expect from one week to the next.

I have a couple bad habits: I like to make subtle puns and my articles tend to go on way too long. You have been warned.

A little about me:

I am 25 and live in South Florida. I work in finance. I have a passion for music, psychology, and strategy games. I have been playing Magic for many years; since Ice Age, in fact. I bring this experience with me into my decks and into my writing. I have never seen a card I didn’t want to draw or a creature that I didn’t want to kill. I have been involved with Commander as a player and writer now for many years and I have no shortage of opinions on the format.


What do I like to play?

In short: Pauper. In a longer form: I am from a time when there weren’t really Magic formats. There was just Magic. Every card you owned could fit in one little box and you built a deck with whatever you had laying around. Every game had a winner and a loser, but we didn’t always know why back then. Things just weren’t well defined in the early days.

Now there are a plethora of different formats to enjoy and I partake in many. I love booster draft and try to do it as much as I can, but mostly online. When I am not in a draft cue on MTGO, I am playing Pauper or Commander. In terms of paper Magic, I maintain a Pauper Cube so that I can draft from the most iconic and impactful commons from the whole history of the game. Obviously, I play a bit of Commander and like to shuffle up with my Glissa the Traitor or Maelstrom Wanderer decks.


What am I going to be talking about?

Absolutely everything. On The General Zone, I covered psychology, sociology, mathematics, statistics, strategy, technology, specific cards, specific decks, finance, set reviews, editorials, and much more. I am hoping to refine the scope of my article series now that I am working with a large team of quality writers here on CommanderCast.

You can expect most of my articles to take on one of three forms:

  1. “In General”: These are editorials. I will give you my thoughts on topical content and current events regardless of what format it pertains to .
  2. “No Uncertain Terms”: These are educational. I will give in depth treatment to a topic that I feel is under-discussed or misunderstood. I will endeavor to create content that will help our readers grow as players and as people.
  3. “Decksplanations”: Deckbuilding. I have particular beliefs about deckbuilding. In these articles I will take you inside my process and show you how to apply my deckbuilding philosophy to make your own decks better.


Okay, okay, but why is your name Grandpa?



Tribe Elder is one of my all-time favorite cards. A truly powerful common. An elegant design. A modern reimagining of a timeless classic. It is basically a Rampant Growth stapled onto an old guy. I take my name in honor of this card: Grandpa Growth.

Thanks for the warm welcome and a special thanks to the staff here at CommanderCast. I look forward to working here on the site and being a part of the team.




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