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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Journey To Somewhere. This is one of our  bi-weekly podcast where William will be recording an episode for you from his car as he travels from one location to… somewhere.

This week, William gets a chance to talk about the Fun Police. Those people who do everything in their power to keep you from doing anything you enjoy in a game of Commander. In fact, they only fine their joy from your lack of it.

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3 Responses to “Journey to Somewhere Episode 3 – The Fun Police”

  1. Jeremy Parsons said

    A big difference between my Pheldagrif deck and my Garza Zol deck. The former being closer to a fun police. (Here, let me stop things that shouldn’t happen.) vs the latter where Garza Zol just hates everybody. And massive difference with how they are built.

    I admit I tend to view the Fun police as actively working to keep the game fun by stopping the most degenerate plays. Yes you can play your things, no you may not have Vorinclex.

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