598462_4152858385486_1784579768_n Hey there lovers of artifacts! This time on Let’s Kill I’m going to analyze Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer. He’s a commander who seems really cute and fluffy (thematically, not literally) until he hops on a raging robotic monster and lunges face first into your aunt’s china shop to destroy everything.

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I really like Slobad because of his ability to be built in many different ways. If you want to be fun and durdley you can make it a goofy robot deck with titanic artifacts slogging it out. There are enough mono colored artifact combos that you can add a combo element to your deck if your playgroup is competitive. Utility dorks like trading Post and Goblin Welder are abundant enough that you can have interactive shenanigans on a regular basis. To boot Slobad has multiple cards that just end the game flat out in the Jokulhaups family of cards. This card looks horrible but if you want to play an interesting deck check it out. If you have any set of powerful EDH artifacts you’ve probably broken the most expensive barrier to entry of building a Slobad deck.


No matter what style of Slobad you’re playing you are going to be relying on an artifact heavy manabase because your mono red and red has basically no support when it comes to leveraging mana. In other Let’s Kill decks I haven’t gone into detail on the artifact ramp cards because they have not been as relevant. The reason why they are more important is because they can be used as fuel for Slobad’s ability after they have served their use for pushing out a big artifact. While Sol ring and Thran Dynamo are going to be just as popular in this deck as others expect to see the following added to the normal crew:

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Bloom

Heart of Ramos

Voltaic Key

All these guys file in with with the classics: Grim MonolithBasalt MonolithMana VaultMana Crypt, Caged Sun, gauntlet of power, gilded lotus and Worn PowerstoneScorched Ruins and the tron lands are also fairly playable.

Robots and Combos.

Whats the fun of playing artifacts without playing huge artifact creatures? Here are some of the big players. Note how they create creatures when they enter the battlefield or go to the graveyard. It adds additional synergy with Slobad’s sac effect.

Wurmcoil Engine

Myr Battlesphere


These are the guys to watch out for because you can easily get overwhelmed by an infinite amount of tokens if your opponent has a mana sac outlet like Ashnod’s Altar or Krark-clan ironworks paired up with a revival effect like Nim Deathmantle.

Cards like Mirrorworks and Prototype Portal can make these cards go off the hinges if you are playing in a fair environment where combos are disrespected.

If you like to play combo there are dozens of options available to you in red/colorless. This list is so long that I’m going to outsource it to a MTG Salvation page where they have a full list. Click on single colour combos and you can scroll down to colorless to find about 22 combos you can put into your slobad deck. If that isn’t enough for you you can add Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and a few other tools from the mono red combo list to make your deck combo.deck. You can find the post here.

Arcbound is Slobad’s Friend

The arcbound are pretty common in casual metagames, but in this deck they are more useful because of Slobad. When shit hits the fan or you need to slam damage through defending creatures arcbound can be your friend. Watch out for arcbound ravager and arcbound crusher. The crusher can occasionally be huge and roll over players with one swing.


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This card, Obliterate and Devastation end the game when Slobad is in play. Give your artifacts indestructibility and watch your opponent’s board states melt away under a avalanche. It also pairs up well with Darksteel forge Game over.


If you don’t like closing the game that easily there are plenty of utility effects to help you do whatever you wish to do. From classics of staff of domination to the hilarious but efficient Trading post it is possible to keep up with the grindy decks in EDH. Bosh, Iron Golem can bash for damage while at the same time putting opponents off their game. Even Karn, Silver Golem can destroy opponent’s artifacts if you animate them before a Wrath effect.

Solid destruction effects come in the form of Lux Cannon and Spine of Ish Sah. I really like Ish Sah because it can load itself back into your hand immediately.

If you dislike dead drawing in the late game you can run Seer’s SundialWell of Knowledge and even Tower of Fortunes to pull you out of stalled positions. These cards are playable because you can leverage the mana you have off your many mana rocks.

As an added kicker you have access to Buried Ruin, a card that lets you buyback any artifact from your graveyard.

Playing against Slobad

Playing against slobad is usually easy until its not. It sort of depends on how the deck is built. In my experience the deck likes to deploy lots of artifacts and either combo out or “destroy basically everything” while leaving its own permanents on the battlefield. Usually a Slobad deck has a turn where it explodes in either value or destruction. This marks where the deck is traveling to reach its final destination: killing you.

Running mass artifact removal like Fracturing Gust is usually cool but Slobad’s ability can counteract what you are trying to do. If your in white and black Merciless Eviction is probably the best way to go. If not then you have two real options. Put your opponent off Slobad or race them. Pithing needle and Phyrexian Revoker are good at that.

From an archtype perspective I think the worst way to go is to try to play control against Slobad if you are in a competitive metagame. This is usually because before you can grind your way into a combo Slobad is probably going to have enough mana and card draw resources to beat you to a win condition.

The best type of archetype to play against Slobad is probably super aggressive ones like Goblins or Elves. Slobad has access to Volcanic Fallout and other small sweepers but these all in aggro decks usually have ways around that. Once the aggro decks get into the red zone Slobad has to hope that he has Myr or other minions that can block or he dies really quickly.

Questions, comments, below! If you have ideas or concerns for “Let’s Kill” voice them. Next issue I am going to talk about the bant archtypes and the costs of playing bant flash.