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That’s right! Massive Art Attack is back this week to make a cameo appearance.  For readers who don’t know, in Massive Art Attack I like to take a look at terrible MtG art, awesome alters, and any other Magic art related topics.  Next week Staple Remover will be back at it’s regularly scheduled time to bring you the second part in the mono colored deck building series: Green. This week at the Theros prerelease I opened a certain card, with a certain character on it. Who cares, right? Well I think I found a clue in the art for this new card that foreshadows a major plot point that could be coming up in Theros block. Read on to find out what the card is, the clue I found in the art and what it might be hinting at.

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Mindclaw Shaman: The Viashino shaman is certainly playable in Commander. You can potentially get his cost down to just R in an Animar deck. If you are in red you most likely have some way to copy that instant or sorcery. Throw in blue or even black and you know have some decent ways to peek at peoples hands and figure out who has the juiciest target to mindclaw. He could be pretty effective in a red deck at getting the chance to cast out of color effects that red doesn’t normally get access to. However, he is not from Theros, so how does he relate? Hmmm take a look at his art.








Augur of Bolas: I actually run the Augur in my Talrand list I posted last week. He’s a cheap dude that lets you grab some extra spells off the top of your library while giving you an early game blocker. Not exactly the biggest bomb in the format, but he can find a home in certain decks. Augur is also not from Theros. See any similarities in the art?









Disciple of Bolas: This dude is totally playable in commander. I personally play him in my Korlash list. I have come across several times where one big dude who is either about to get blown up or has outlived his usefulness would be much better served being turned into cards and life. Plus, if you are playing black, you have access to recursion for anything you may sacrifice to the disciple. Are you noticing a trend here with the art?








Alright I’ll clue you in if you haven’t noticed it. All three of the previous cards feature creatures wearing scarves.

Great, I’ve pointed out some winter wear, what do scarves have to do with Theros? First off, all three of the previous cards have something else in common. They are servants of Nicol Bolas himself.

That’s no surprise, it’s very clear that Augur of Bolas, Disciple of Bolas and Mindclaw Shaman are tools in the dragon’s nefarious plans. He appeared with his minions in the last core set so nothing is out of the ordinary. Now check out the card from Theros that tipped me off:

Oops, wrong satyr, hmmm what is that Xenagos is wearing?

I think we have a certain big ass dragon that is up to no good on our new Greekified plane. If I am correct, there are questions that still remain. How large of a role will Nicol Bolas play? Is he using Xenagos to weasel his way into the pantheon of gods? Is he trying to overthrow them or snag some of their power? Sound off in the comments below. Am I a nutty conspiracy theorist showing you pictures of scarves or is Bolas pissed and about to crush some gods?  Also Xenagos is totally going right into my Thromok the Insatiable token deck.

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