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You can kinda guess what’s up this week from the title of this post, but we’ll definitely be back next week with a new show.  Life just gets in the way of cardboard wizardy sometimes.  Shame on you, Life.


In any case, I thought I’d use the space here to dive into a few random topics that have been rolling around my sleep-deprived brain this week.  Feel free to add the randomness in the comments section.


Design Space


Ugh… really?  Even as a die-hard Timmy, this card made me sigh.  I now get what Carlos was on about when he was decrying poor card design for EDH way back when.  This card is the Magic equivalent of a egg salad sandwich on white bread; functional, efficient, and as utterly boring as it gets.


Stapling Sorceries onto Creatures: Yes, please!


“Traumatize-Fish” is now my new favorite fish in Magic.  A low bar to clear, to be sure, but still super fun.  Who cares if he’s a 7-mana 6/6 with no evasion?  This puppy (guppy?) triggers shenanigans on attack and for any player, even yourself. I sense a future Technology segment here…


Dinosaurs Done Right


Need I say more? Honestly, though, it seems like WotC was drawing more on The Dark Tower for its inspiration here more than ancient mud monsters, but I’ll still take it (pun most definitely intended).


Before & After Shots

And I leave you this week with a brief visual guide to my reaction to Jace being in this set:





Until next time, folks–



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