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The holidays are upon us again and podcasts unfortunately have take a backseat to family stuff.  I know, I know.  You’re saying, “But Mark, why bother with your flesh & blood relations at this festive time of year when there’s cardboard wizardry to get up to?”


You make a fine point, sir or madam.


“No-Show Mondays” are usually where I get a chance to spout off about a few random cards that caught my eye and that I don’t have the heart to inflict upon Adam, Mike, or some other unsuspecting guest, so why should today be any different?


With that said – and with all apologies to Mr. Dickens:


I have endeavored in this Ghostly little post, to raise the Ghost of an Idea (namely that M19 was an excellent little core set with a number of underrated cards), which shall not put my readers out of humour with themselves, with the season, or with me.  May it haunt their houses pleasantly, and no one wish to lay it aside in favour of YouTube videos or Twitch streams elsewhere.


Your faithful Friend and Servant,


None of these hot takes are probably new or original, but they do represent what I’ve been messing around with lately to good effect.  They’re fun, they’re good tools for your toolbox, and they’ll only set you back a pair of quarters each at most.  Not too shabby, M19.


Marley’s Ghost

(or, at least, the best new ways to punish things that rise from graveyards)


While not as blatantly “fuck you” as a well-timed Containment Priest, it does have the benefit of being in Blue and being easily recurrable in my Sygg, River Guide deck with Sun Titan, as well as every obnoxious Sidisi deck you can imagine.  Two thumbs up!


The First of the Three Spirits


Did WotC just fix Mill for multiplayer and it snuck by me?  It hits each opponent for two for every one you draw and it’s easily splashable?    It’s a subtle effect, but paring this with Stroke of Genius, Windfall, or just your run of the mill Consecrated Sphinx would get ugly fast.


Sign me up.


The Second of the Three Spirits


I casually threw this into my Shirei, Shizo’s Caretaker deck for ha-ha’s and was rewarded with a token army in record time.  Obviously, this is a “your mileage may vary” card, but in practically any sacrifice-themed deck, this puppy will do some serious work.


I wish it was four mana to cast instead of five, but then again maybe that’s just me being greedy.  It still pays for itself in dudes many times over.


The Last of the Spirits


Who wants a less-douchey Rhystic Study with an ass you could bounce a quarter off of?  You better be putting your hand in the air.


I give zero fucks about Dinosaurs, but this little Dino-wannabe has been doing good work for me in my Doran deck.  I imagine that it wouldn’t be hard to find room in your deck for a three-mana 2/5 that has a better than average shot at drawing you at least one or two cards before your turn comes ’round the table again in a four-man pod either.


The art still looks like it was modeled after a cat caught mid-shit, though.


The End of It


If Experimental Frenzy is getting a lot of love nowadays, then this little bad boy should be getting a second look in Boros weenie strategies.  Is it great card draw? Hell no, but it IS consistent draw in Red, particularly in Goblins, so it does a thing that needs doing.  I find that it’s worth playing in Feldon of the Third Path and in any “dies” trigger deck.  Pair it with Fecundity and go to town.


And with that, I’ll let you all get back to your families and stacks of cardboard.  We have some shows in the tank and we’ll be back in your ears soon enough with bad jokes and awful ’90s movie references before the new year.

Take care everyone, have a very merry Christmas, and remember the words of Tiny Tim:


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