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The golden age of M20 spoilers is upon us, friends.  There’s just something about the way this season of cards has hit one after the other – and has been neatly & judiciously spread out – that just warms my heart (and fuels my Magic addiction).  I’m not always WotC’s biggest fan, but sometimes you just need to give credit where it’s due: these folks have put together some sweet sets lately.



And on the first leg of this journey to spoiler town, we’ve already got a new Naya Angel and a funky Bird Wizard that sucks literal fire out of spirits.  Appropriately enough, we’ve got a new sphinx that will no doubt prove vexing for Adam, as the card text does contain his favorite phrase in Magic, but requires the sphinx do to damage to an opponent in order to trigger that key phrase (thankfully it’s not combat damage, so at least Adam can get there with a well-timed Chandra’s Ignition or something similar).


On the non-legendary front, it’s nice to see that Seb McKinnon’s still getting work. I like this card, but if Trade Secrets got the ban hammer I can only imagine how long it will take for folks around the table to start yelling “No collusion!” once your buddy conveniently tutors up his combo piece on turn 1.  As an English teacher, I also think it’s shameful that they missed yet another opportunity to reference the only line of Blake’s poem that anyone knows by not naming this “Fearful Symmetry” (also a pretty decent X-Files episode, btw).  You can’t expect me to believe there isn’t at least one employee in your office with a bachelor’s in English Lit. that’s going to waste answering phones or making copies.  Get on the my level, WotC.


There’s also a sweet new Nightmare that draws cards or drains life when you drop a swamp and my new favorite card name in Magic: Yarok’s Fenlurker.  It sounds like something an Icelandic fisherman might yell at me if I cut him off in traffic.  So good.  (Not the card, just the name.)


And finally there’s a nice little bit of foreshadowing for this week’s episode in Aether Gust.  Obviously, our mojo was so strong that it traveled back through time to mess with the creator of this little gem.  See if you can guess our topic from that cryptic little hint and there’ll be a nice no-prize with your name on it in the mail soon.


And with that another no-show comes to an end, folks.  Episode 364 should be up and running soon, but until then sound off in the comments below about what you’re excited about in this new set.  Personally, I’ve always had a strange affection for core sets.  There’s just something comforting about going into a set with absolutely no expectations or hype.  It’s like being dragged to a movie by your significant other that doesn’t actually suck as bad as you expected it to: no matter what you get, it’s better than you thought it would be.




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