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We all need something to listen to as we’re sleeving up some precons, but unfortunately that won’t be CommanderCast this week.  It’s too bad because I have definite opinions on butter coffee and The Boys to share, but those will just have to slide onto the back burner for now.


To hold you over until then, here are some goodies for your ear canals to help you through the week.


If you haven’t hit up Mike & J-Rock’s excellent new 2DH-centric podcast yet, what are you doing with your life?  Their latest episode is titled “Aunt Sidisi works at the spider farm.” That’s absolutely killing it on about six different levels, folks.

If you want some God-tier level immersion, you could even listen to it on a visit to Knight’s Spider Web Farm in Williamstown, Vermont, because that’s a thing that needs to exist apparently.



Alison Luhrs (Narrative Designer) & Mark Rosewater on Slate’s Working podcast

How Does a Worldbuilder for Magic and Dungeons & Dragons Do Her Job?

How Does the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering Do His Job?


I’m a fan of Working, even if it tends to be highly dependent on the guest that week.  For obvious reasons, I figured these were worth sharing.



Last but not least: these guys don’t need me to shill for them, but I’m a big fan.  If you need your weekly dose of gratuitous cursing, these gents have got you covered.  It’s nice to hear another Magic podcast that gives zero fucks about dropping many.

They just started up a new series on why the decided to retire certain commanders – which I wish I had thought of – that’s definitely worth a listen.



And that wraps things up for this edition.  Let me know how your precon decks are shaping up out there.  As usual, we’ll have our Precon Specials out in a few weeks after we’ve all gotten a chance to put them through their paces.




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