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Spoiler season, why aren’t you more exciting?


I’m actually more excited about spoiler season than her Majesty’s scowl might suggest, but I’m not over the moon about this new set yet.  By way of explanation, let us consider some of the new commanders we’re getting this spoiler season:



Unless a Boros general involves some attempt at card draw – no matter how feeble or dependent upon marginal tribes (*cough* Depala *cough*) – I just don’t have time for it anymore.  Does that make me old and bitter? Probably, but this is still something I don’t think Boros needs.



I shouldn’t like a x/3 with no evasion and a bad Kira, Great Glass-Spinner effect, but I kinda do.  It’s mostly the art.  I’m going to play this once, be disappointed with how it performs, and then put it in a binder.



Speaking of cards I shouldn’t be excited about…


I really like the idea of a Izzet equipment deck, though I admit upfront that it’s bound to fail.  Just because it’s something new and a little spicy, I’m going to give this a go.  I think it has a lot of 2DH potential as well, so maybe this is simply my preference for budget decks showing.  I’ll look forward to seeing what Commander’s Quarters does with this guy.



Fuck you, graveyard decks! Fuck you all day long!


Yeah, this isn’t for me.  Playing “Hate Bear, the Deck” is about as appealing as playing Gaddock Teeg.  Nobody likes that little shit and you’re not going to make any friends with this puppy either.



Hello, not-for-our-format card.  How do you do? I will see you only in draft and sealed events, and then – quoth the Raven – nevermore.  ‘Nuf said.



Is it metal? YES!! That’s enough for me to give this bad boy a try.  I know, I know, my Timmy colors are showing.  But it’s a 6/6 for four that fights! And it’s got a dope Escape mechanic that doubles its power – in Dredge colors!


Timmy Dredge is something I didn’t even know I wanted until now.  Thank you, WotC.



Shrug? I honestly don’t know how I should evaluate this card, but I *think* I like it (?). The art is enough to give me nightmares, so that’s already a win in my book.  This is a card waiting for a use-case.  Somebody out there do something cool with this so I have an excuse to run it.



I like the effect here (which we’ll talk about at more length in our next episode), but I don’t know if it’s worth stapling a small-ish Fact or Fiction onto your general.  Maybe he’ll make a splash in Limited or Standard, but I don’t think many Commander players are going to find a home for this boy.


I intentionally left out the gods this week so that Adam and I can talk about them on the show next week, so stay tuned for that.  We definitely have thoughts and I’m sure you all do as well.  Feel free to share them in the comments section below and let us know what you think about this new spoiler season so far.


Until next week,



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