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In this instance, I’d like to assume that the reverse is also true

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, this is usually where the podcast goes but it’s just me typing out a mea culpa this week.  Long story short: I needed some more time to wrap up the stack of grading I had at the end of the marking period and we didn’t have much of a topic lined up until next week, so it became an unintentional week off.


However, I’m never one to let space go to waste.  Whenever downtime hits, I usually go back to the well and check out some weird one-offs or dumb cycles of cards that I’ve either been meaning to pick up or that I haven’t found a proper home for yet.  Maybe some of these will find their way into a future ‘cast or be consigned to the dustbin of my trade binder; for now, though, I need a second opinion:


Since graveyards are nearly always a player’s second hand in EDH (and because they’re having something of a resurgence lately with Surveil & Undergrowth), Shaman’s Trance has come back into the forefront of my “maybe” pile.  The question I have is not whether it’s worth running, but where you think it would best fit.  Obviously, this is somewhat meta-dependent (as are all card choices), but I feel confident that you all will be able to steer me right on this one.



My dubious love of commons out of Tempest block aside, I mostly evaluate this card as a two-mana instant kill spell in mono-red.  Prove me wrong.



The “Planeswalker’s X” cycle out of Planeshift has always caught my eye for some reason.  Planeswalker’s Fury is probably the best of the lot, but I kinda want to build a five-color Old School superfriends deck that runs on the backs of all five of these bad enchantments.  I have absolutely no idea how I would pilot it or what I would do with it, but I would definitely be peeping all your hands (one card at a time) while I did it.



Inner Sanctum is the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” card for every life gain deck I’ve ever built.  I’m on the verge of building Krav and Regna (again), so this puppy popped back up into my pile.  In my heart of hearts, I know it’s just a strictly worse Glacial Chasm, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting to play around with it.



Kraj has confounded me for years.  I’ve never seen a list that I’ve really liked and I’ve never built a version of this deck that wasn’t too fiddly for its own good. Surely there must be a decent version of this floating around the interwebs, right?



Of all my questionable picks, this one probably falls the most squarely into the “please talk me out of playing this” category.  I looooved this stupid little demon horde back in the day and I’ve been meaning to find it a home again.  If you have suggestions, I’m all ears.



Whichever deck I finally put Ghirapur Orrery into probably wants this as well, but I still haven’t found the right place for the latter so the former is still chillin’ in binder.  There’s definite Group Hug potential here, with a little bit of self-millish/discard upside if I play my cards right, but I just don’t know where I’m looking for that very specific combination.



And that’s it, folks.  Thanks for perusing my stupid picks and leaving a comment (if you were so inclined).  I still get most of the best deckbuilding ideas & inspiration from our comments section, so I appreciate you indulging me this week.


Next week, Mike & I will crap all over Sheldon’s latest article on Star City Games and speculate wildly about the prison records of Pro Tour players.  It’ll be fun.



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