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This is the face of disappointment I see in my head


I really do hate doing two No-Shows in a month but, as the title says, sometimes life doesn’t take my plans into account.  How very inconsiderate of you, Life.


Looking ahead, we’ll have Mike back on the ‘cast next week to talk about a listener suggested topic from the comments section of Ep 336; in fact, there were so many good topics suggested in that thread that we’ll actually be doing listener-suggested topics for the next few weeks, so I’m really looking forward to that.  You all really came through when I asked for ideas.  Thanks again.


We’re deep into the “Fixing Boros” topic as well, but as you can imagine that’s a staggering undertaking.  That show will probably still be ready for Ep 339.  Obviously, we fully expect WotC to take all of our suggestions to heart and stop printing shit-ass cards like this one, so no doubt future generations will be able to point to this show as the turning point in Boros’ history of sucking.  Future humans: you’re welcome.


Lastly, in a shameless bit of self-promotion I also dug up this Thanksgiving-themed article I wrote way back when that was fun to put together and is now buried under the mountain of content we’ve produced in the intervening four years.  I thought it was an old-but-goody, so you can enjoy a helping of *self-nostalgia (*probably not a thing, but it sounded good at the time) along with your fixings this holiday.


Happy Turkey & Football day to you, my fellow Americans.  To everyone else, I hope you had a great Thursday.


Talk to y’all next week.



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