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Hello everyone and welcome to what was sincerely supposed to be a one-off segment for the times when we ran out of dangly bits. Unfortunately, my recording setup decided to take a big, ol’ stanky dump on my plans for the first part of our precon special episodes, so…

This isn't a metaphor for my hot mic skills, my equipment was just a flaming pile this week.

This isn’t a metaphor for my hot mic skills, my equipment was just a flaming pile this week.


Long story short, I’m sorry we don’t have a show for you this week (again), but I did manage to dig up something from the vaults that should tide you over until after you recover from your turkey-induced food coma.  Hit the jump below for an oldie-but-goodie and a quick discussion about choosing colors to build around in your deck.


After messing around with the crazy four-color shenanigans of the precons for the past week or so, I’m sure I’ve gotten to the place that every other Commander player gets to eventually: breaking down the precon decks and building them up back up.


This is usually a fairly straightforward affair for me – after all, if the deck-brewing bug bites me, I generally know which way I’m headed with my design – but more and more I’ve found these new commanders are almost an embarrassment of riches.  When you can cast practically any spell in a deck, how do you whittle it all down to a mere 99?


Anyways, I’ve found that Andy and the gang’s take on the idea of deciding which colors to run in your deck (S7E4 – “Help My Brother Out”) from back in the day has been pretty helpful to me this week, so I thought I’d pass it along.  


Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to pare down my 200+ Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix & Tymna the Weaver deck.  All I want to do is draw all the cards! Why do you have to make it so difficult for me, Color Pie?


How do you all decide what colors to run in your deck?  Do you go for mechanics first and colors second, or vice-versa? Do you feel constrained by fewer colors or do you appreciate the focus that comes from mono- or -two-color decks? Do you say “screw it,” and run a five-color Humans deck just to prove that cohesive themes are for chumps?

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