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An appropriate metaphor in my opinion.


Lord, what a week this was.  In every sense it’s possible to mean this: I’m glad it’s over. (I also solemnly swear to never say another bad word about Pennsylvania as long as I live).


Commander Legends previews were definitely a welcome distraction this week and, boy, did they not disappoint.  I wish I had time to talk about them with Adam this week, but unfortunately that’ll have to wait for another seven days.


Until then–when we’ll definitely talk about all kinds of cards we’re super-hyped about–I present the following list of cards to which my honest reaction is:


First up, a budget Dockside Extortionist??


A one-drop that ramps and can come back to ramp even more? I *think* this is a solid card for Goblins, Pirates, & Feldon, but maybe even just for mono-Red period? Conditional ramp isn’t as good as just straight ramp, but I’m still pretty bullish on this little guy.



So, with infinite colorless mana & some other miscellaneous artifacts/artifact generation, you just play out your whole deck?  Granted, you could just win in probably dozens of different ways given the preceding conditions, but this is shiny & new and I want to see how it runs.


On the doughnut rating scale of chocolate éclair (definitely a 1) to fresh-out-of-the-oven apple cider doughnut with cinnamon sugar (obviously a 10), I would give this a chocolate glazed with rainbow sprinkles. The colors make it taste better.



And after all the smack I talked about GB Elves in this set last week… I think I’m in love? Give me a solid Lhurgoyf any day of the week. Plus some tribal synergies? Now you’re talking my language. This one is even checking all the Cronenberg boxes. The flavor text is a chef’s kiss, by the way.



The hands-down winner of both “Best Name” & “Best Use of Onomatopoeia” in Magic.  I don’t even care what’s on the card.



There’s just too many good things to talk about in Commander Legends & I know we all needed good excuses to escape the real world lately, so I’ll be really excited to talk about them at length next week.  Let me know what cards have tingled your spidey-senses in the comments below and thanks for taking the time to make it through my semi-delirious ranting in this post.


Take care, stay safe, and Let’s Get It, democracy!

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