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Me, in the wake of Double Masters spoilers (and also vacation)


Hey y’all, there’s no show this week because I was very busy lounging around on vacation and that left me no time to record.  You know, it takes a long time to blow through all this crazy podcast money I’m making over here and let’s be honest: all that bling isn’t going to spend itself, right?


That said, we’ll be right back at it next week.  In the mean time, here’s a preview of what we probably would have said about these crazy reprints:


  1. Oubliette! Fuck yeah!”
  2. “Man, I really wish Tempered Steel was better in EDH”
  3. Apprentice Wizard with Richard Kane Ferguson art?! Snap pick!”
  4. “Well, now I have to build an Ad Nauseam deck.”
  5. “Must… Buy… Imperial Recruiter…”


And no doubt Adam will throw cold water on my enthusiasm for dumb cards and I will make fun of him for only liking silly cards that do things like “win” or “are efficient.” Have we reached peak self-parody yet? Stay tuned and find out next week.




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